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What We Do

What We Do

Gary Magan & Co established its business in 2004 as an importer of Ukrainian food and drink to the UK's market. Today the Company is specializing in import and distribution of beverages, produced to high standards by leading Ukrainian manufacturers.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply quality products in a cost effective manner to the British market. Acting across the UK as a distributor of quality Ukrainian beverage brands for selected companies, who wish to have a sales presence of these brands, we exert every effort and work hard to realize this vision...

Our Selection of Beverage Brands

Our Selection of Beverage Brands

We’ve selected leading Ukrainian beverage brands to bring our customers the most comprehensive and exclusive collection of finest beverages, most of which became an integral part of their lifestyle.


Ukrainian Beer

Obolon Premium Lagerimage

'Obolon' is the most popular among Ukrainian beer brands. Excellent quality, organic nature and pleasant taste - are key features of the Brand. Read More

Ukrainian Wine

Legendary Massandraimage

The oldest Crimean winery Massandra has been producing fine wines for more than 110 years and has won international acclaim for their exceptional quality. Read More

Ukrainian Vodka


Well famous soft & smooth Ukrainian Vodka, draws from the centuries-old traditions of the Ukrainian horilka distilling. Read More

Exciting NEW arrivals

indyWithin the product range you'll find those items you've looked far and wide for, as well as discover exciting new arrivals sure to become part of your choice.

As such, we are proud to offer an astonishing assortment of items such as original and traditional "L'Odessica" Sparkling Wine in 2 varieties (Noble Sweet and Passion Brut) and finest Obolon beer, light and dark, all selected with much care and thought.
And in other news
imageFind out about FC Obolon, our football team in the UK

Free Trade Credit Facility is Available to Businesses Purchasing from Us

If you experience a cash flow shortage in your business, then your company will benefit the most by utilizing our Trade Credit facility.

Business owners realize that there is no need to borrow money from a bank in order to finance their purchases.

Depending on estimated credit rating conducted by Barclays Bank, we offer 7, 14 or 30 days credit when you purchase from us.

Free Delivery to Businesses Located in London and within M25 !

Gary Magan & Co provides free delivery to businesses located in London and within M25.

We also provide delivery services within outer London locations and across the UK.
Please contact us for charges and discount prices.

*Call or email us for full details.

Mystery Wine Artwork Uncovered

image Georgian wine makers use clay amphoras for bringing the best quality and taste of Georgian wine to their connoisseurs... Read More


Ukrainian Beer

'Obolon' is the most popular among East European beer brands. Excellent quality, organic nature and sophisticated taste - are key features of the Brand. Read More

Ukrainian Wine

The fortified and dessert wines of Massandra are legendary, with a distinctive, full flavour that sets them apart from European and New World wines of similar ilk. Read More

Ukrainian Vodka

Embarking on a new and unique recipe for an elite strain of vodka, the experts at Nemiroff Ukrainian Vodka Company strove to achieve a final product which could renew that 'golden era' of vodka history. Read More
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