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massandra wineThe Ukraine's oldest winery Massandra has been producing fine wines for more than 110 years and has won international acclaim for their exceptional quality.
The winery was built in 1894 – 1897 near Yalta, Crimea. The subtropical air climate of the region and the protective shields of mountain chains create unique conditions for the production of high quality fortified and dessert wines, which combined with the extraordinary architectural merit of the cellars, have earned Massandra a position as one of Ukraine's nationally important sites.

In the late 19th century Prince Lev Golitzin was appointed to manage the production process at the winery. An extremely accomplished winemaker, Golitzin devoted himself to developing the wines that suited the region best, and these wines define Massandra's output today. The chief wine maker of Massandra had an extraordinary talent for blending wines, and his "creations" became renowned.
Massandra’s fortified and dessert wines are described as legendary, with a distinctive, full flavour that differentiates them from European and New World wines of similar ilk. The winery is producing a wide range of sweet and fortified wines.
Its Collection is one of the largest collections of fine and rare wines in the world, estimated at over 1 million bottles, of various types and vintages which are recorded into the Guinness Book of Records. Massandra Collection comprises samples of every Massandra vintage, as well as some magnificent European wines from the personal collection of Tsar and Prince Golitzin including some extremely rare bottles incorporating the Tsar's personal seal.
Massandra winery is successfully renewing and increasing its collection with new unique samples that together with old and rare wines has gained unparallel international reputation for its high product quality.

The Collection has had a remarkable history. During WWII the collection was packed up and taken out of Yalta to three secret locations. It was a monumental undertaking: each bottle of wine was marked with an evacuation number and carefully crated before being transported to a safe place. The only casualty in all of this was the 1941 vintage which could not be crated out because it was still in vats at the time and Alexander Yegorov, the director of the winery, ordered this vintage to be poured into the sea. For the first time ever, the Black Sea turned red. The collection remained hidden until 1944, when it was returned to its original resting place.

Since 1991 the Massandra winery has gained tremendous international recognition through participation in four auctions at Sotheby’s and presented to the world its highlights, such as Chateau d’Yquem 1840, Muscat Lunel 1848, Madeira Ribeiro Secco 1837 and the unique Sherry de la Frontera 1775, a bottle of which was sold for 50 000 USD at Sotheby's in 2001.

In October 2005, during the President of Ukraine visit to the UK Massandra has made a gift of two wine barrels of Marsala, a favourite tipple of Admiral Nelson, made exactly to the recipes laid down by Prince Golitzin nearly 100 years ago for the bi-centenary celebrations of the Trafalgar Battle. The wine was toasted by 400 guests at the Gala dinner hosted by His Royal Highness the Duke of York.


Massandra Imperial Estate is known for its well recognized excellent table wines. Massandra best known table wine is Alushta dry red wine. Other famous Massandra table wines are Cabernet, Sauvignon and Saperavi.


Massandra presents a great variety of dessert wines, including those from its wonderful collection. Muscat wines make a considerable number of this variety. A deep Muscat aroma, distinctive of this grape variety, makes the wine fabulous. Massandra South coast White Muscat, Surozh Kokur Dessert, Rose Muscat, Black Muscat, South Coast Pinot-Gris, Bastardo, Ayu-Dag Aleatico, South Coast Cagors, Ay-Serez are among the most famous of the dessert range.
Prince Golitzin Seventh Heaven is a special wine. it was first made by the founder of native wine making Prince Leo Gallitzin in 1880. Though the secret of its production process was lost, Massandra wine makers managed to revive this fabulous brand of wine in 1996. High quality dessert white brand wine, made of noble white grape varieties: Kokur White, Muscat White, Muscat Rose. The wine is aged in oak barrels for 2 years. The wine has a color of gold and amber. The bouquet is complex, bright with the prevailing tones of honey, peach, quince and delicate overtones of blossoming rose petals and sun-dried rose. Palate is full, harmonious, oily with pleasant dessert aftertaste.


This wine type was referred as Port wine since the foundation of Massandra Winery due to special wine making technology. Red Stone White Muscat, Livadia White Muscat, Dessert Rose Muscat and Ai-Danil Pinot Gris are among the most famous of this range.
Black Doctor is a fine red dessert wine of high quality. Made of local sort of grapes: Ekim-Kara, Kethessia, Capita-n-Kara, Lapa-Kara, Metin-Kara. The wine is sparked with ruby glints. Its bouquet with chocolate flavors is finely balanced with a full harmonious velvet chocolate, coffee palate, suggesting hints of currants, prunes, vanilla and cocoa. Soft and long aftertaste.

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In accordance with the EC rules there are limitations on the sale of wines which are named after certain geographical regions (Sherry, Port, Madeira, and Tokay). The names of these brands produced by Massandra will be changed by mutual agreement.

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