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During the rule of Russian Empress Katherine II, the price of vodka was twice as high than the price of the best French cognacs. Among Vodkas' first connoisseurs were the likes of Johann Goethe, Immanuel Kant, Karl Linnet, and King Gustav II. Historians called vodka the 'locomotive of progress' and philosophers called it the great creator. In fact Vodka has played a vital role in the production of the first powerful foundries and railways. Appreciating the unique taste of vodka, Voltaire, known to be well versed in French wines, labeled Vodka one of the 'greatest discoveries of mankind' in his correspondence with the Russian Empress.

This is just a short history of vodka, which has been proven a libation for the great, successful, courageous, and free.

Today, the Nemiroff Ukrainian Vodka Company is the leader among the legal spirits producers in Ukraine. At the same time, Nemiroff is also a unique trade mark, exporting its products to over 50 countries of the world. Finally, Nemiroff is an international brand that, for the first time ever in the history of the International Millionaires Club (UK), for two successive years in a row – by the results of 2003 and 2004 – was declared the International Fastest Growing Alcohol Brand, with the growth rate of 42% and 45%. Among the male population of Ukraine and the overwhelming majority of the countries where our products are exported, you can hardly find a single person who has never heard about our trade mark. Similarly, you can hardly find anyone who tried any of the Nemiroff drinks and was dissatisfied. The rapid growth of the numbers of our products' admirers, both in Ukraine and abroad, is another proof of its high quality. The most complex work on the company development and sustaining of that high quality enabled our trade mark to win the prestigious status and respect among consumers. Well, our success did not come out of the blue. Good quality liquor has always been respected in Ukraine. You can find numerous mentions of that in literature (e.g. «Eneida» by Ivan Kotlyarevsky, «Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka» by Nikolai Gogol). Moreover, many historical figures had names related to alcohol, e.g. Severyn Nalyvaiko, Bogdan Khmelnitsky.

Embarking on a new and unique recipe for an elite strain of vodka only a few years ago, the experts at Nemiroff Ukrainian Vodka Company strove to achieve a final product which could renew that 'golden era' of vodka history. A product, whose power and unique taste and qualities will turn around traditional ideas about the consumption of vodka, as well as expand its consumer appeal to a wider market base.

Nemiroff Lex

In November 2003, Nemiroff unveiled its standard bearer for the High Premium class' new Nemiroff Lex Vodka. In Latin 'Lex' (the Law), and the improved smoothness of this vodka has been achieved by the additional use of flavored alcohol from oat flakes and lime blossoms to bring out its light and delicate flavour. Finally, all of the ingredients are combined in strict adherence to customary and regulated proportions so as not to change the classic flavour of the vodka, instead only enhancing its noble and smooth taste.

Several revolutionary techniques have been applied to the technology of Nemiroff Lex production: the alcohol is selected from specific sources allowing for better purification parameters, which considerably exceeds the established norms of compliance for the luxury class spirit; following control and testing the alcohol used in the production of Nemiroff Lex, is aged for 6 months in order to accumulate the noble mixtures and harmonize its unique flavour; Improvement in classic technology of vodka purification (Nemiroff's know-how) allows increasing time and efficiency of purification by several times and excluding traditional growth of undesirable impurities therein.

Waves of flavour from this new vodka are subtle and changeable and its taste peculiarities are multiple and mature, thus all together enabling those who try it to slowly and without haste feel the true and elegant core of this really noble libation with centuries-old history. The right way to drink is, sipping it slowly, savouring the unique organoleptic qualities neat and not by adding additional ingredients or swift drinking. Nemiroff Lex will be highly appreciated by those who are able to receive satisfaction from every moment of life and see more in the little things in life.

During the first month of production Nemiroff produced more than 50,000 bottles of Nemiroff Lex, focusing, first of all, on the requirements of the local market, as well as for supplies to the Russian Federation, Baltic states, US, Germany, Greece, Israel, Turkey and other countries. By April 2004 it had achieved monthly production volumes of 150 000 bottles. This is how the demand of these markets is estimated by the specialists based on test sales of the product. The first step towards promotion of the new product was its placement in a network of elite and exclusive restaurants as well as on shelves of supermarkets.

Nemiroff Lex Vodka Tasting Session

Nose: Very subtle with hints of fresh wheat bread, a whiff of charcoal, and aniseed emerging mid-way.
Palate: Initially light with sweet creamyness,before luscious aniseed opens up, balanced mid-way by savoury spice, and continually expanding on the palate to become mouthfilling.
Finish: Spicy aniseed with luscious sweetness.


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Nemiroff Lex Vodka

nemiroff lex vodka


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Ukrainian Vodka

Embarking on a new and unique recipe for an elite strain of vodka, the experts at Nemiroff Ukrainian Vodka Company strove to achieve a final product which could renew that 'golden era' of vodka history. Read More
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